Menu:Exit – Vool EP

Underscan Records is a label from Berlin. Menu:exit is the project of labelfounders Markward Wagner and Ralf Pytlik. After an EP in 2001 called ‘Profiles’, they now have assembled a new EP with four tracks. What directy strikes me is the crystal clear sound of the music. Perhaps not surprising, because I read that the musicians have a background in sound design. The instrumental music is moody and melodic, playful and adventurous yet accessible.

Most sounds are harmonic, soft, spacious, classical, without many sharp edges. Still the interesting rhythms go back and forth, so I would not label this as chill-out music. There are some slight hints of drum ‘n bass, but in a very restrained manner. Menu:exit also comes up with quite a few surprises, like the lovely flamenco guitar entering the title track ‘Vool’. Acoustic sources and electronic sounds and treatments are nicely combined on this record. ‘Cherlics’ has more of a clicks ‘n cuts sound. I really like the atmospheric ‘Linger’, slow and mellow but keeping you in its lazy spell. The music on this EP reminds me of things I’ve heard from the Funkwelten label lately, though the abstract and IDM elements may be a bit stronger on the ‘Vool EP’. A very pleasant release, with nicely flowing electronica, a flawless production and a nice sound.

artist: Menu:Exit
label: Underscan
details: 12', 4 tracks [US005]