Mephisto Waltz – Insidious

Nostalgia is the first feeling I get when I listen to Insidious, the new album by Mephisto Waltz. Death rock, classic goth-rock, gothic ethereal punk, no matter how you call it, it reminds of the gothic origins at the beginning of the 1980s. But this album is so much more.

The album holds nine very good tracks in the deathrock genre, songs that are loaded with emotions, aggression, passion, filled with ethereal guitars and the voice of Christiana, a voice that Mephisto Waltz is so well-known for.

The last track differs a lot from the rest of the tracks. This is where Christiana shows all the unbelievers her voice is gold. The opera-piece ‘Ombra Mai Fu’ is performed in such a way that you feel forced to sit and listen, enjoy or not (and I do enjoy), you can’t get away from the music.

Though this for sure is not Mephisto Waltz best album ever, it is an album that is very good. An album in a genre that still is alive, partly due to Mephisto Waltz, partly due to Insidious.

Released in the USA by The Fossil Dungeon and in Europe by Dark Dimensions.

artist: Mephisto Waltz
label: Fossil Dungeon, The
details: 2004, 10 tracks