Merzbow & John Wiese – Multiplication

Even when it comes to the likes of Merzbow and John Wiese, the prolific noisegods whose creations often transcends those of mere mortals, it usually takes the right frame of mind to jump right into noise music, especially when it’s extreme. There’s not much time for that on ‘Multiplication’- the opening track “Bonanza” hits fast and with a fury, setting a pace that doesn’t let up until the very end of the title track, “Multiplication”, a 27 minute marathon.

With little doubt, Masami Akita and John Wiese are two of the most accomplished in the genre. Akita seems to have worked with just about everyone over the years, and Wiese isn’t too far behind, being known for his work on projects Bastard Noise, LHD, Sissy Spacek, as well as joint efforts with Sunn O))), KK Null, Wolf Eyes, The Cherry Point, Prurient, and a host of others.

The frequent collaborations and split releases are things I like about the genre. And often (unless you’re watching) it’s hard to know who is doing what, adding to the uncertainty and contingency of it all. Even though “Multiplication” was done by mail, I can’t exactly pin down which parts are more Merzbow or more Wiese.

Neither is one to remain stagnant or static with what they do. While some of the tracks in the middle are perhaps more forgettable, other than “Spell” (one I really like) and “Erotic Westernscape” maybe, which are more structured, the first and last are top notch- (“Bonanza” and “Multiplication”, respectively). As far as this fare goes, “Multiplication” is about as solid as it gets.

artist: Merzbow
label: Misanthropic Agenda
details: cd, 6 tracks, 1:01:16 [MARO12]