Merzbow – Sha Mo 3000

After hundreds of releases on cassette, vinyl and CD, Masami Akita aka Merzbow releases his first CD in South America on the Essence Music record label. Essence Music previously released the wonderful double-CD by Atomine Elektrine, and again provides a strong disc in a beautiful packaging.

Merzbow might be known (read: world-famous) for his brutal and uncompromising noise assaults, but with this disc proves that he is capable of a lot more than noise. In fact, I would not want to classify this disc as noise at all. Of course there are a lot of noises in this disc, but these noises are arranged like a freaked-out psychedelic soundscape. There is all sorts of fluttering, stuttering and crackling, but it is far from ?noisy? and very close to ?tripping?, Akita is even playing the guitar like a seventies rock band (on acid) would have done.

Sha Mo 3000 is a really interesting album to listen to, which sheds a completely new light on what ?noise? is. It is original and entertaining, and shows that Merzbow is very much capable to stay on top of a genre that he keeps re-inventing.

artist: Merzbow
label: Essence Music
details: 5 tracks, 2004 [ESS003]