Meschalina – Something 2 die 4

Electro rap core from Rome, that’s the description I read before listening to this cd. I must say that this was not a very attractive promise for me, but when hearing the music of Meschalina it was not as bad as I feared. The Italian band mixes all kinds of styles in one big crossover sound, from drum & bass to rap, from hardcore to dance. 11 songs in 19 minutes, including some short intermezzos.

Various songs, like ‘Something 2 die 4’, made me think of Rage against the Maschine though its style and aggressiveness. The music of Meschalina is not something which I like personally, but I think they must be able to reach an audience with their music, they are enthousiastic and powerful, and are probably at their best on stage.

artist: Meschalina
label: Militant