Metharia – demo

From Naples, Italy came this demo cdr from the band Metharia. It contains 7 tracks and lasts about 40 minutes. Metharia consists of 5 members, with Luca Volani as the vocalist. According to the bio, in the beginning of the band Ferruccio Milanesi was the bassplayer, who we know of his work with Argine and Anima in Fiamme. He is not involved in this demo, which contains quite other music than the aforementioned bands. Metharia brings us a mixture of dark rock and metal. Personally it is not really something of my taste. Often I have to think of early 80’s metal, which I haven’t heard since, well, the 80’s.

There is a lot of virtuoso freak-out guitar work by Antonio Turco and Guiseppe Arena, often the guitars create the melodies. The Italian lyrics are sung passionately, sometimes Volani is almost screaming. At times he sounds a little like early Metallica, but not always very convincing. The strongest points of this demo are the high amount of energy that is put into the music, and the variation between slower and faster parts. For example the song ‘Bestia dentro’ is very fast, with energetic guitars and drumming. It is followed by a more tranquil, midtempo song called ‘Il biuo della tempesta’, with some nice keyboards. I can imagine that this band could give a energetic live show. It is not something I like personally though, but perhaps someone who is more into rock/metal would judge differently.

artist: Metharia
label: self-released