Miguel and the Living Dead – Alarm!!!

The Polish band Miguel and the Lving Dead has a classic horror-rock/punk image and sound. Their heavy and dark rock is fuelled with psychobilly and surf influences. Besides that they make use of synths to create some spooky sounds and effects.

All of this results into a very theatrical sound. At times the party mood takes over a little bit too much. The music is better when it stays darker and less jumpy.

One other aspect that could be better is the singing. The voice of the singer is very deep and dark, but evidently made so. It is a pose, not natural. It doesn’t really fit the music very well. It is too much overdone.

So, when Miguel and the Living Dead takes a step back, and give more room to moods in their music, and would start using a different way of singing (a different singer?) this band could achieve a lot in time.

artist: Miguel and the Living Dead
label: Strobelight Records
details: 11 tracks [STROB017]