Milagro Acustico – Poeti Arabi di Sicilia

The latest album of Milagro Acustico, a multicultural ensemble from Italy around Bob Salmieri. Over fifteen musicians are involved in this colourful piece of work, with various male and female singers and a variety of only acoustic instruments, like guitar, baglama, mandolino, tambur, ney, kaval, tamburi a cornice and darbuka. Inspiration was found in the poetic legacy of the Poeti Arabi di Sicilia (827-1091). The poems refer to their love for Sicily, its people, nature and the earth.

These ancient texts, from classic poets like Ibn Hamdis, are given a musical treatment which combines traditional and more contemporary influences. Arabic, mediterranean and medieval music play an important role, but there are also jazzy and poppy elements. The songs make an organic, spontaneous impression, as if the musicans are jamming on a village square untill the sun goes down. I especially like the pieces with female vocals, like ‘Luci di lu iurnu’. It’s a pleasant summer album with a warm atmosphere.

artist: Milagro Acustico
label: Compagnia Nuove Indye
details: 11 tracks, 42 min, 2005