Minamo – Beautiful

Minamo are a Japanese quartet, combining many different sounds into their songs. This is their third release, a compilation of live recordings, though it feels more like a well put together studio album.

Minamo uses a huge array of different sounds. Classic minimalism, psych folk, free improvisation, and many more, layered together. Lately there has been a stream of albums combining more traditional types of music with experimental electronics, oft resulting in not very interesting albums. Minamo though makes the mix of different styles sound so natural, that you wont even notice some of it’s layers at times. Noise clicks combine perfectly with gentle guitars. And high tones seem to love repeating loops and slow feedbacked guitars.

I am not sure why it sounds so natural. Maybe it´s the extensive use of loops, or the slow buildup of the songs. The sounds are never overdone, always subtle, and with extreme eye for detail. The music sounds so fragile at times that it seems a small gust of wind will blow it away.

When listening to this cd I got the feeling that this is an album that is finished. A beautiful, impressive release.

artist: Minamo
label: Apestaartje
details: [staartje012]