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Ming & Ping are a set of twins who were born in Hong Kong and ended up on the curious American label Omega Point Records. They have created 13 tracks on their debut album which demonstrate various stylistic influences. They are firmly rooted in 80’s synthwave and new romantic music (Depeche Mode, Erasure), but also more contemporary synthpop (Mesh) and electro clash. The first track ‘A.I.’ is quite catchy, a melodic poppy tune with quite sensitive vocals and nice synth lines. ‘Unbelievable’ makes me think of Wolfsheim through the vocals, though the bleepy computer sounds gives it a different twist. As usual with releases from Omega Point Records this disc has a high ‘fun factor’, the musicans are audibly having a good time. A good example is the electro-cover of Coldplay’s `Yellow`. An entertaining feel-good album full of cheerful new wave electro pop tunes.

artist: Ming & Ping
label: Omega Point Records