Minimal Self – Formula of Reversal

?Minimal Self? is a new project by John Everall, who is well known for his project ?Tactile? which has links to Coil and other famous projects such as Scorn and Pan Sonic. Everall, is also known as the label-manager of the Sentrax label.

John Everall uses electronic instruments to create minimal and static soundscapes with bits of noise and lots of looping synthetic sounds. On this single track CD the sounds are less minimal than on the Tactile releases, but the whole is still very subtle and minimal. Think Pan Sonic, or other works by Mika Vainio, or perhaps an industrial version of SND. Think Coh, Elph, and electronic works of Coil. Think of minimal and analogue electronic soundscapes and this is what you get.

artist: Minimal Self
label: Wavetrap
details: [wav03]