Ministry – Houses of the Molé

After ‘Psalm 69’ I lost track of the development of Ministry. But judging from ‘Houses of the Molé’ not so much has changed in their universe, despite the departure of long time member Paul Barker. Al Jourgensen and co. are as always loud and aggressive.

Ministry still has an overwhelming industrial metal sound, which is violent and repetitive. Probably the Bush government and contemporary politics has given the band enough fuel for an inspired album. The political samples are fired at you like bullets, backed up by the solid defense of guitar riffs, heavy bass and drum machine.

Opening track ‘No W’ (a subtle reference to someone’s middle initial) begins with a Carmina Burana part, but it does not take long before the attack begins. It strongly reminds me of old-fashioned trash metal. In general this monster album is dominated by heavy guitar riffs, as well as the angry comments which Jourgensen shouts and spits at George W. The pace is always high and the volume stays loud, don’t expect much variation.

Really a violent, convincing album in the line of the latest Killing Joke album or Ministry releases like ‘The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste’. Personally I would have liked more industrial influences and less trash metal guitar, but it is hard to resist the intensity of this album. Ministry is not thinking about retirement yet, at least not during the years of the Bush reign.

artist: Ministry
label: Sanctuary
details: 11 tracks, 2004