Mira – Pieces

The last cd by Mira from Tallahassee, who you could perhaps call an ethereal gothic band, is already a few years behind us. Good news: a new album called “There I go daydreamer” is coming up this summer. To get you in the mood the band has released a 4-track mcd, with two tracks that will be included on the album. Furthermore it contains an exclusive alternate mix of a third album track and a rare cover (of a song by metal band Cream Abdul Babar).

Mira has a classic guitar-bass-drums line-up. The sound of the band varies per song, but in general is situated somewhere between shoegazer, triphop and guitar wave. Recognisable trademark are the vocals by Regina Sosinski, often in an ethereal style (think Cocteau Twins, Lush or Fiel Garvie).

My favourite song without a doubt is the lazy Sunday afternoon piece ‘No other way’. A bit jazzy, a bit melancholic, a moving slow song with subtle shimmering guitars. ‘Pieces’ is also a fine track, a dynamic song with a good melody and a nice contrast between the rocking guitars and the sweet voice of Regina.
On the other hand, ‘Window seat’ and the cover ‘Todd Space is my day job’ appeal to me less, they are decent but seem to lack something special, though both songs have energetic climaxes. In general though this mcd leaves a positive taste for the forthcoming release, which will be longed for by all daydreamers.

artist: Mira
label: Projekt
details: 4 tracks, 2005 [PRO00163]