Mirabilis – S/T

The debut single of Mirabilis, a project with members of two well-known American darkwave acts: Summer Bowman of the Machine in the Garden and Dru of This Ascension. The first album of this project is out now on Middle Pillar Presents, while this first single, with four songs, exquisite artwork and thick vinyl, appeared last year on The Fossil Dungeon. Lovers of female voices are well-treated here, since this is the prime element of Mirabilis.

The songs are acappela, with the harmonic voices of the vocalists filling the room, sometimes in multiple layers, almost choir-like. The songs are also surprisingly melodic, reminding me of well-known medieval and classical melodies. Mirabilis takes you to medieval cathedrals with these lovely songs. Quite daring, this single almost completely based on voices, but a nice experiment. The four songs last just over 8 minutes, which is just about the right length for this single I think. Only the last song, ‘An epitaph’, has an instrumental backing, with a dark soundscape in the background. I expect that the album of Mirabilis will have more instrumental elements.

artist: Mirabilis
label: Fossil Dungeon, The
details: 7', 4 tracks {FD016] lim. 500 copies