Missionaries from the Outside – The Bat. Chronicle of Flight

Missionaries from the Outside is a Russian band which plays a mixture of classic gothic rock and more synth-driven goth music. Main member is Sergey Laskin, who wrote most of the songs. Also contributing is Ivan Rozmainsky, also known for the progressive/psychedelic project called Roz Vitalis. Laskin and Rozmainsky also made an album in 2002 under the name of “Missionaries of Silence”, with an improvisational charachter, sort of gothic psychedelic experiments. Missionaries from the Outside sound more conventional though.

This cdr is a compilation of 15 songs created between 2000 and 2003. Actually they are quite pleasant to listen to. Classic batcave gothic, with a guitar sound reminding of Rosetta Stone or early Sisters of Mercy, a driving drum machine, only sounding more synthetic than the aforementioned examples. ‘Paradise of lies’, here present in a few versions, has the potential of becoming a small hit. Don’t expect to find much innovation on this cd, just a solid interpretation of a proven genre. Only the vocals are not very convincing, the lyrics are not understandable. A promising act though, and with a better production, more experience and perhaps more professional equipment they could grow further.

artist: Missionaries from the Outside
label: self-released