Mist – Fragments of Transformation

A Swiss act on the German Polymorph label, which is known for its atmosheric ambient releases and high quality design. The design of this Mist cd is as always fine. But the musical style of this release is more electro-minded. It’s not electro of a fast beat-driven EBM type, but more subtle cold electro. It reminds me a little of the legendary Mortal Contraint, or good old The Klinik. And although using classical influences, Mist nevertheless manages to sound modern.

I think “fragments of Transformation” is a decent release, with a nice cold atmosphere and some good sounds and beats. Striking is the combination of cold electronics and the use of organic elements. Perhaps the vocals could be a little more convincing. Most songs on this album are mid-tempo and not too straight-forward. They can be played at an electro party, but you don’t need to turn on the stroboscopes… It’s a relief to hear some other electro than the ‘future pop’ of Apoptygma, VNV Nation and the likes…

Unfortunately Mist has ended its activities after this album. Luckily new projects are planned, hopefully of the same quality.

artist: Mist
label: Polymorph
details: digipack, 11 tracks.