Mitgang Audio, The – The View From Your New Home

One of the best tracks on the Snow Robots Volume 3 compilation from Suction Records was ‘Minor Causes’ by The Mitgang Audio. This song also opens this debut album by the project. Suction is well known for its electro/synthpop and because of that The View From Your New Home is a surprising album for the label.

The Mitgang Audio displays her ability to handle almost every form of electronic music in just ten songs. In different tracks the act melts all sorts of style elements in perfect harmony with the one constant factor, synthpop. There are IDM influences in ‘Forme’, ‘Soldato’ has ambient references, ‘Binary Life’ hints to techno and ‘Tokyo Scope’ plays with disco sounds. The highlight of the album is ‘Stelle di Radio‘, a dark and cold elektro/EBM track.

Despite all these styles the record has a pop feeling to it. Due to this the music is accessible, without being mainstream, and it makes the record sound like a whole. The View From Your New Home is a good album with a nice diversity of tracks on it. The Mitgang Audio has created expectations for the future with this debut.

artist: Mitgang Audio, The
label: Suction Records
details: 10 tracks [suction019]