M.Nomized – Unpublished

Red Neon Tapes is a true do-it-yourself label. Labelowner is Patrick Parent, who also has his own musical project called Etat des Stocks. For years he has been releasing independent and experimental music on a small scale, mainly by trading tapes. About 50 cassettes were published. Recently Red Neon discovered that people don’t like tapes anymore, so they switched to cd’rs. But: “It is amazing that now that lots of people make their own productions on cdr, various sources says that the cdrs will become blank in a few years. This is a rip-off. Maybe, one day, we will be back with our musicassettes….”

This piece of work by M.Nomized, a French artist, is the first Red Neon cd. In the meantime two others have followed by Etates des Stocks. “Unpublished” contains 12 tracks, most of them created in 2002, but one even dating back to 1980. Apparently this artist is involved in the music scene since 1975! M.Nomized treats us to instrumental electronic music.Some tracks are rather pleasant ambine-tlike pieces, like ‘Tribal cover’, while others use more experimental sounds and structures, like ‘Kangaroo’. There are some elements of minimalist and electro-acoustic music present on a track like ‘Symeterie 3’. ‘Taurus 38’ uses more contemporary dance elements. But there is also true madness present, like on ‘Golozo chez les Soviets’, whuch fast circus music drives you crazy. An album full of varied electronic music released by people who don’t create music to become rich.

artist: M.Nomized
label: Red Neon Tapes