Mode7 – Night Echoes

Five untitled instrumentals, between two and twelve minutes. Slow, subtle music, somewhere between post-rock and ambient, with some improvisational jazz elements. Mode7 is a new name for me, judging from the names of this four-piece I assume they are from Israel. They have a standard rock line-up, with guitar, bass, drums and keyboards. Some piano sounds and special effects are aded to the mix. The music on this disc was recorded live in a late night jam session. Indeed the tracks seem to possess a certain spontaneity, without becoming chaotic or raw. The music sounds rather hazy and sleepy, psychedelic perhaps. On the longest, second track especially the loud drums are intense, as well as the extended layers of distorted guitar drones. My favourite piece is probably the slow and lazy third piece, which is very ethereal. A disc with some dynamic and intense music for patient listeners.

artist: Mode7
label: Magnanimous Records
details: 5 tracks, 2004 [mag009]