Moljebka Pvlse – The Leaves Of Their Songs

After several mostly harsh, loud, noisy and/or experimental records this Moljebka Pulse album is the first truly tranquil release on Fin de Siècle. On this record Moljebka Pulse goes back to its earlier sound with hypnotic and dreamy drones. Expect some long but beautiful sound sculptures made with electronic instruments and processed guitars.

This is sure a record you will have to take time for to listen to, as it should be heard in one piece. When doing this you will be taken on a journey. The music will help you to relax and leave all your daily troubles behind for more then 70 minutes. And, don’t be surprised when you have the feeling you are floating in space.

Listening to The Leaves Of Their Songs is like a psychedelic experience. It has been proved before, but Moljebka Pulse does it again: you don’t need drugs to leave to leave the daily and earthly boundaries

artist: Moljebka Pvlse
label: Fin de Siècle Media
details: 6 tracks [FDS09]