Molotkov, A. – Can you stay forever?

The numbers are impressive on this album. There are 34 songs, lasting over an hour. A. Molotkov plays over 20 instruments, from a Bengali flute to a vacuum cleaner. He is joined by over 15 other musicians, who contribute didgeridoo, electric sitar, throat singing and multiple other manners to create music or sound.
Mr. Molotkov is part of the Discord Aggregate, a multimedia collective from San Fancisco. One of his colleagues there is Pamela zero, reviewed on these pages before and also participating on “Can you stay forever?”.
As you could expect, the album mostly contains improvised experimental music, but the end result is not as inaccessible as you made think (except for a few passages like ‘Bleeding’). In fact, I find it quite an entertaining and colourful patchwork. Especially the combination of surprising sounds and original poetic spoken words works quite well. An album made with a lot of imagination, for those who like travel along the borders of the mind.
“When you are ready / Place a red ribbon / On the edge of the crescent moon.”

artist: Molotkov, A.
label: Discord Aggregate
details: 34 tracks, 61 min.