Mondblut – Scorn

Mondblut’s album “Angsterf├╝lltes Morgen” on Ant-Zen (1997) was an instant classic. But then a long silence came… I suspect that Mondblut is rather perfectionistic, because the tracks on that debut were recorded between 1991 and 1996. Not so long ago there already was a sign of life with an album by side-project Hadit (Memento Mori, 2002), but I don’t think that album received a lot of attention. But now, to my pleasant surprise, there is a second Mondblut album, and it’s wonderful!

For people who are familair with their debut “Scorn” is an almost seamless transition. Many of the characteristic elements are still there. The poetic, mysterious, ritual atmosphere, the spacious, subtle music, the hazy, half-spoken texts (sounding somewhat like Endraum) and sparse samples. Again this album is dedicated to the breaking-up of conventions and the aesthetics of sexuality and death, with various philosophic concepts lying underneath. But there is progress as well. The music also sounds more modern, with up-to-date sounds and rhythms and a very clear production. There is a very good variety between rhtyhmic, almost danceable songs and cinematic, tranquil pieces. The compositions are well-crafted and the tension is nicely build up. Listening to “Scorn” really is a fascinating and rewarding trip, with ‘Burn inside’, ‘Ewigkeit’ and ‘Comedown’ as my favourite tracks.

artist: Mondblut
label: Dark Vinyl
details: 11 tracks [dv #43]