Monkeychop – White loafers Boulevard

With their contribution to the Stilleben 016 compilation they already stood out amongst the new generation of Finnish electro artists, but with their 12? releases on Stilleben and Cr?me Organisation they made an enormous impression. This new act from Finland, sometimes called Monkeychop and sometimes Monkeyshop (the same artist I assume?) made quite an impression on me lately.

[this review also deals with Monkeyshop – Niagara Falls]

Both vinyls consist of 3 tracks that are characterised by a sublime feeling for retro Italo-disco with the modern electro-production. Absolutely perfect grooves and melancholic melodies with beautiful synthesizer strings form a dance-trip that should make every party go insane. I really cannot imagine anyone not feeling the urge to dance to these tracks.

The ?White loafers Boulevard ep? is quite ?disco? oriented, as we could expect of the Cr?me label, and the Niagara falls tends to be a bit darker and cold, also not very surprising for a Finnish label.

Monkeychop/Monkeyshop is certainly comparable to its labelmates V.u.l.v.a., or the best electro/italo producers from the 80s, and even to the best Legowelt and Orgue Electronique tracks. Absolutely recommended!

artist: Monkeychop
label: Cr?me Organization
details: 12"