Monosurround – We

Words like grotesque and bombastic spring to mind when listening to this new track ‘We’ by Monosurround. The Berlin duo goes back to New Beat and old style EBM and fuse this with a very modern sound to produce their new dancefloor anthem.

Clear and heavy electro beats are placed on top of synth layers and samples. ‘We’ is a very addictive track and extremely suitable for the dancefloor. The mood is a bit reminiscent of 80’s synth pop/EBM, but the sound is also very much now. This is without a doubt the best Monosurround track I heard so far.

On the B-side are two more tracks that could do well on the dancefloor. But, both ‘Dreamer’ and Little Show’ are not by far as catchy as the A-side.

artist: Monosurround
label: 1st Decade Records
details: 12”, 3 tracks [1st022]