MonsterGod – Newborn Monster

The duo MonsterGod is a newbie on the music market though the musicians themselves have their Freshman Friday far behind them. Both artists – Smola and Schnitter – performed in other Polish projects in the past – the former in The Egoist, the latter in TRH – so their experience is definitely of use in the present-day career.

MonsterGod is the band presenting electronic music that is decently danceable and not muddlingly rhythmical. Their so-far artistic output is to be found on the demo entitled “Newborn Monster” that features 5 tracks, one being a cover of Depeche Mode and the rest completely self-made ones.

My personal favourite is “Obsession” that has that something to it that makes the dance floor full during the party. I like the lyrics based on Charles Baudelaire poem as well as the unique sound following the rhythm of an anxious heart and the combination of passages that altogether create a brisk little disco hit.

“Smile” bases on William Blake poetry while musically it blends the military speeches together with Schnitter’s manner of singing: a bit threatening, a bit conspiring and very very powerful.
“The Revenant” – another one supported by the genius of Ch. Baudelaire is the material woven of an interesting fabric: samples, a bit harsh vocal and discrete and yet pulsating background of the music.
“Touchell” is kinda tricky one: it sounds as if someone was whispering and the same time screaming to your ear; it also features the music that paces forth in the stable rhythm.
The last one “Shake the Disease” is, like I said, the cover of Depeche Mode song. It is not violating the original too much. I suppose the musicians understand that some songs are edible only if treated with respect. However, the specificity of Schnitter’s voice that is sensual and rough at the same time is the cause that simply attracts attention and makes the nice ladies have bad dreams if they listen to it before they go to sleep at night…

Generally speaking, the album comprises of a fair dose of electro music that follows the path marked by such giants like Suicide Commando or Laibach that is seasoned very nicely with the enigmatic and multidimensional poetry.

artist: MonsterGod
details: cd, 5 tracks, 2006