Monstrare / Wilt – Graveflowers

Two of the most interesting sound constructors are brought together on this split release. Cordell Klier (aka Monstrare) and James Keeler (aka Wilt) got the chance to manipulate each other’s sound sources. This album comes in a nicely designed digipack and is limited to 500 copies. The microscopic clicks and glitchy sounds of Klier seem to be quite removed from the more traditional dark ambient drones from Keeler. The end result is pretty fascinating, though not highly accessible.

The six tracks by Monstrare are pretty dense, dark intense soundscapes. They have a very industrial atmosphere, with heavy machinery. The four tracks contributed by Wilt have a spooky atmosphere and sound somewhat more spacious and minimal, though you are still surrounded by clouds of static noise. This album is not easy to penetrate with its threatening walls of noises. But once you’ve taken that effort and surrendered to the dark environments expressed in the music, this album is certainly worth your time.

artist: Monstrare / Wilt
label: Angle Rec.
details: 10 tracks, 2004 [.A.R.05.02.]