Morbide Eenheid – Op een booreiland twee jaar geleden

Never ever heard from this band until mr. Funprox was nice enough to give me this album. Honestly, I have no idea why the band decided to send promotional material to Funprox. Although covering lots of musical styles, it’s about (dark) underground music mostly (but count black metal out). This project plays some kind of improv./jazzy rock/metal with no vocals.
Although the musicians involved know how to play their instruments I find their music extremely boring. I mean, it’s well-played but not my cup of tea. It sounds like a fun jam session on a Saturday afternoon. I wouldn’t even call the tracks real songs, they don’t make a lasting impression and just sound too, well, improvised. I can’t find any atmosphere or feeling in the tracks, it just sounds too flat and ‘happy’.
What maybe disturbs me most about this release is the title of it and the titles of the tracks. Is it supposed to be poetic? Philosophic? Funny? Ironic? I’d say cheap. Btw. The band is now called Quarles van Ufford.

artist: Morbide Eenheid
label: self-released