Morgenstern – Two Different Faces

If I would describe this record in one word it would be: intense. Not just because of the loud noises and harsh distorted beats, but also because of its atmospherical, even ritualistic aspects.

Two Different Faces is a very well chosen title for this album. The rhythmic noise side of Morgenstern is fully integrated with their dark melodic side. Raison d’être-like atmospheres are at times combined with chaotic industrial noises, like on ‘Faces Of Phobia’.

There are also some pure noise tracks like the over the top loud ‘Viewer’, and also some completely tranquil pieces like the tribal ‘Looking Down A Hill’.

Because of this mix of sounds and moods the record stays interesting to listen to fom beginning to end. But, as said, it is an intense listening experience for sure.

artist: Morgenstern
label: Ant-Zen
details: 11 tracks, 2005 [ACT188]