Morpheus – Babylon

The third album I hear of the mysterious Spanish act Morpheus, this time on the Italian Old Europa Cafe. Again they have created a hard to describe piece of work, somewhere between ritual, industrial and ambient music. Rather dark and experimental, and as usual with many mythical, spiritual and literary references. Vocals are sung in various languages, texts from Shakespeare, Borges, Rilke and Calvino are employed amongst others, as well as the book of Genesis. Various guest musicians are present, like Francesco Banchini (Gor, Ataraxia) and Marie & Gernot from Pilori.

The album contains seven rather long tracks, with a dense sound and a deep atmosphere which is not easy to penetrate. A highlight is perhaps the first track ‘When in the height heaven was not named’, with strange rumblings of industrial machinery, at times ritual percussion and vocal chanting reminding me of The Moon Lay Hidden… ‘Los dos reyes’ has more of a mediterranean sound, making me think of GOR. At others times I have to think of references like Coph Nia or Endura. A varied and interesting, not too accessible album of a true cult act.

artist: Morpheus
label: Old Europa Cafe
details: 7 tracks [OECD 055]