Mortal Constraint – Second Move

It was already back in 1994 that a band called Mortal Constraint released an excellent dark electro album called ‘The Legend of Deformation’, with great songs like Growing faces (on Glasnost Records). After a long silence Mortal Constraint released a mcd called ‘Second move’ in 1999, which appeared on the unknown (their own?) label Halbschlaf Records. One of the bandmembers, Ingo Lindmeier, has also been busy with another project called Polygon, 2 albums appeared under that name, Refuge and Ommon, with a more ambient sound. Recently I finally obtained the minicd from Mortal Constraint, that contains 4 tracks. The first song, ‘Empty eyes’, is a strong cold electro track, reminding of their older work and of Suicide Commando. Then comes a not too interesting soundscape-like track, followed by a rather slow electro song called ‘Basic fear’, with a nice alternation of samples, normal and distorted vocals. An instrumental track closes this mini-cd, which does not show a lot of progress, but Mortal Constraint is still a nice band, that knows how to create a dark atmosphere.

artist: Mortal Constraint
label: Halbschlaf
details: 4 tracks