Mothboy – The fears

Mothboy is Simon Smerdon, a guy from London who has been very active in the underground music scene for many years. Smerdon used to be part of the dark-hop outfit Ocosi, and released several CD?s and Cdr?s as Ocosi, Mothboy and Dicelab before this solo album called ?the fears? was released.

?The fears? contains various elements that clearly have different influences. There is the massive bass which remind of Scorn or Techno Animal, the rhythms are influenced by hip-hop as well as electro, and the sounds used can be compared to countless other genres. Mothboy uses drones, vocals, glitches, strings, jazz and roots samples and so on. The whole can best be compared to a crossover between Scorn and Amon Tobin, or perhaps to a downtempo version of hymen?s Substanz-t. The atmosphere is warm, raw and abstract and is certainly very original.

On this CD, Mothboy used sound sources by Scorn, Larvae, Horchata and Akira the Don, and this album will certainly be appreciated by fans of the projects mentioned.

artist: Mothboy
label: Ad Noiseam
details: 13 tracks + 2 videos, 53 minutes [adn39]