Mueller, Jon – What’s lost is something important…

Packaged in a seven inch sized sleeve comes this creation, fully titled “What’s lost is something important. What’s found is something not revealed”, by experimental sound wizard Jon Mueller. It’s his first solo release, after various collaborative efforts. This release on Crouton contains two long tracks of seemingly improvised minimal soundscapes based on percussion, with a dronelike effect. Most of the time you will forget that you are listening to a regular drumset, because of the way the snares, bells and rhythms are incorporated into interesting textures. “Play at maximum volume in an empty room”, the booklet advises. That’s a good suggestion, because the sounds which gain and loose in intensity and volume really fill your room and engulf you. By the way, the album seems to be inspired by a project in which individuals were invited to contribute their beards, which would then be filed. Not something you would deduct from listening to this release, but it proves that this is not your average experimental drone release.

artist: Mueller, Jon
label: Crouton
details: 2 tracks, 2005 [CR 26]