Murder At The Registry – Filed: ’93-‘03

Together with the very good debut of Frank the Baptist Strobelight Records releases another potential gothicrock hit. This cd is a compilation of Murder At The Registry with both old and new material. Fans of deathrock in the Christian Death style will be happy with this release. Murder At The Registry sounds at times just as dark and theatrical as Christian Death in their early days. Next to that Murder At The Registry has a singer who screams and yells sound a lot like Rozz Williams’.

Too bad this compilation also features some tracks that are less good. The band has written a couple of more standard rock songs during their career, which
are also on the disc. Luckily these are in the minority and the goth/deathrock songs are good enough to compensate for these.

‘Cupido’ and ‘Blessed Curse’ are fantastic pieces of theatrical deathrock that have stand the test of time. New songs like ‘The Stolen Photograph’ and ‘The
Creatures Are Having Fun…’ are excellent tracks from which the so-called contemporary gothrockers like Marilyn Fakeson could learn a few things.
Time for a true gothrock revival?

artist: Murder At The Registry
label: Strobelight Records