Murderous Vision / Kuru – Blood-brain barrier

A split album between Murderous Vision, which I know for its dark ambient work (like the fine album “The Times without Gods”) and Kuru, a new act for me. The album starts with 6 tracks by Murderous Vision. The opener, ‘Stumble upon the scene’, does not sound very accessible, with vague industrial rumblings and some rather ritual percussion in the background. ‘A body left at the corrigated clock’ has a rather noisy sound, with some unpleasant high screeching sounds, distorted voices and more dark rumbling. Next is a dark soundscape, in which it is hard to discern individual sounds, everything happens in the background. Then follow a few death industrial tracks, with more rhythmic elements and violent distorted noises. A track like ‘4th Day Stench’ has not only an unpleasant title, but is also hard to digest because of its dense wall of sound. ‘Baby it ain’t no sin’ is perhaps even more violent and disgusting, there are not many horror films dark enough to use it as a soundtrack.

After we’ve left this lethal machines Kuru gives us a little more space. Their five tracks are a little less dense, and remind more of dark soundscapes than of death industrial. But they are still quite noisy and at times chaotic, with a somewhat ritual feel. Perhaps I like their final track ‘Resolve into Totem’ most. All in all an uncompromising split release, not for the faint-hearted. I doubt though if I will be often in the mood to listen to these noisy walls of sound, without much variation.

artist: Murderous Vision / Kuru
label: Somnambulant Corpse
details: 11 tracks (sc009)