Mute Angst Envy – South 11th Street

Mute Angst Envy is a three-piece band from San Franciso who released their third album with ‘South 11th street’. They have been active since 1988, but were on hiatus since 1995, untill this comeback. The music on this cd is mainly dark alternative rock, with a few excursions to harder metal, like on the opening track ‘Siege’. Personally I like ‘Love like a fight’ more, a midtempo piece with atmospheric keyboards. I A slow moody song like ‘The sword and the cross’ makes me think of Fields of the Nephilim. Most songs are quite claustrophobic and oppressive. like the guitar and rhythm section, only the vocals are not entirely convincing. Worth noticing is the Cure cover ‘The Figurehead’, which is an acceptable attempt. This is quite a good dark rock album, just not completely my personal taste.

artist: Mute Angst Envy
label: Kitchen Whore Records