My Jazzy Child – Sada soul

My jazzy child is the project of Damien Mingus, active in the Evenement collective in Paris. This cd is the first to be released under the name of My Jazzy Child.

The music is build up from loops, with the source material being a guitar, voices, drums, and some other occasional instruments.
Although not all songs are good on this cd, the overall feel of the cd is great. Strange lyrics, combined with (lofi) ever repeating (cut up) loops keep the listener interested. Although most songs sound melancholic, there is always a happy feel in the songs, a happy feeling that isn’t really reflected in the lyrics all the time.
Original songs that that might remind you of great Belgian bands like Kiss my Jazz, but not as insane, and maybe not as brilliant.

A nice cd, with strange songs that will have you fascinated for some time. Listen to this several times to reveal the beauty of these songs.

artist: My Jazzy Child
label: Clapping Music