My Sixth Shadow – Love-Fading Innocence

Italy-based My Sixth Shadow releases their first full-length album (two e.p. releases went before this one) to the masses. The six men give us a taste of what they mean with New Wave Of Gothic Rock, a description that actually fits the music quite neatly, except for the missing link to metal.

The album consists of twelve new tracks, mostly rock-oriented, and one coversong (‘With Or Without You’ – U2). The twelve original tracks show the listener how broad the gothic rock label is. Variation in tempo between the songs, but also in vocals. Dave has a broad range and at times is assisted by Valeria Parsi for female vocals. It is this variation that assures the listener won’t get bored listening to this cd. The listener that might meanwhile check out the very nice booklet that comes along with the release.

The cover however is a project My Sixth Shadow had better not undertaken. While musically they succeed in creating a more guitar-driven version of ‘With Or Without You’, this is the one song where the vocals fail, probably as they tried to stay too close to the original.

Then again, this cover should not chase any goth-rock fan away from the shop. This album is one that at least deserves a listen. Special listening tips are ‘Shadows In My Love’ and ‘Complete’.

artist: My Sixth Shadow
label: Watch Me Fall Records
details: 2005, 13 tracks