Naarmann und Neiteler – Schwester Thelesitis

Einzeleinheit is an experimental electronic project from Germany, with this album as the first release on their own label. The duo Naarmann & Neiteler certainly don’t make easy-listening tunes. The 6 tracks on this cd-r are situated somewhere between industrial noise, experimental ambient, minimal electro and electro-acoustic avantgarde. Lots of broken and cut-up sounds and bleeps, distorted noises, obscure samples and computer voices. Not very melodic or rhythmic.

The sound is rather minimal and not too loud, but nevertheless intense. The atmosphere is not very comfortable, you don’t feel at ease while listening to Einzeleinheit. I’m reminded a bit of the more experimental Galakthorrö releases, though this cd is less song-based. Also avantgarde artists like Nurse with Wound come to mind, as well as the influence of electronic 70’s pioneers like Klaus Schulze. My favourite track is probably the fourth one, ‘Genuss der Suende’, slowly developing and fascinating, which has a hypnotic effect on me. But there are also tracks which I prefer to skip. An interesting and original experimental creation for a select audience, but not something I will play on a daily basis, therefore it is too strenuous.

artist: Naarmann und Neiteler
label: Einzeleinheit
details: 6 tracks, 2004 [001]