Nadja – Skin turn to glass

Nadja is a one man act of Aidan Baker, Canadian multi-instrumentalist. As Nadja this is his second release, after releasing “Touched” on Deserted Factory Records from Japan.

Nadja is all about ambient doom, drone metal, or any contamination of those words. Aidan Baker uses heavy doom riffs to create a drone like atmosphere. I must admit, I’m not a huge fan of guitar riffs, doom, or metal, but at times I do know how to appreciate them. That normally happens when listening to bands such as sunn o))) or maybe Isis.

While listening to Nadja I actually did appreciate the music, even though there are doom metal riffs all over the place. But gladly they are slow, and broken up by long guitar tones, in a way you would expect on a heavy (psychedelic)guitar drone record. All this adds up to a deep slow moving record, that will please the doom metal lovers amongst you as well as the people interested in heavy guitar drones.

After hearing the record the first thing I thought was:’hmm shall I play it again?’ For me, metal riff hater with a passion, that is quite something. Go have listen.

artist: Nadja
label: Nothingness Records
details: cdr [NOTH0001]