Naevus / Knifeladder – Document three

Terra Fria not only organizes concerts at at a special location in Portugal, but also releases cd’s to go along with these events. This split cd of British dark folk act Naevus and the more industrial Knifeladder is the second release in this series, after a mcd by Allerseelen. In the meantime also split cd’s by Von Thronstahl / The Days Of The Trumpet Call and Der Feuerkreiner / Wolfskin have appeared.

Both acts contribute three tracks. ‘Less than queer’ (lyrics by David E. Williams) and ‘Don’t Boil’ are moody Naevus songs with acoustic guitar and accordion and the deep vocals and interesting lyrics of Lloyd James. ‘The Devil’ is more of a dark rocksong. ‘Don’t Boil’ is present in a ‘version one’, another version will appear on the new album ‘Perfection is a Process’ (released by Operative and Old Europa Cafe).

Knifeladder, one of the many John Murphy-projects, sounds rather experimental and ritual on ‘Retina (Last Gasp edit), percussive, threatening and noisy. ‘Oblivion’ is a nasty piece of power electronics. ‘Faultline’ was already the highlight of Knifeladders album ‘Organic Traces’, but this ‘Anti Valium Remix’ sounds even more powerful and rhyhtmic. Two quite different sounding bands on this split cd, but both are in good shape.

artist: Naevus
label: Terra Fria
details: mcd, 6 tracks [tf002]