Naevus – Perfection is a Progress

Though the English group Naevus is usually associated with the neofolk scene, you can not give their latest album “Perfection is a process” that label very easily. Naevus’ influences seem to be even more widespread than in the past, except dark folk you can hear dark pop/rock, industrial and postpunk elements.

‘The Obvious’ is infused with a dose industrial noise, while the powerful ‘Retreat’ has a dark rock sound which is very intense, making me think of God Machine or the Swans. This energy-draining track is followed by the melancholic piano ballad ‘Don’t boil’, in a different version than the one I knew from the split cd with Knifeladder. ‘Clay Hats’ is a little heavier, reminding me think of the earlier work of Therapy? for some reason. ‘South Bank’ is then again more restrained, with a moody feel, partly due to the nice accordion sound. The next songs follow this varied pattern of harsher and slower songs. Especially ‘Look to the State’ is energetic, somewhat resembling Killing Joke.

The album has a nice variation between raw energy and melancholic atmospheres. With “Perfection is a process” Naevus proves again that they are a band for open-minded listeners. They haven’t reached perfection yet, not every song leaves a lasting impression, but they make good progress.

artist: Naevus
label: Old Europa Cafe
details: 10 tracks, 2004 [OECD 068]