Naked Ape – Anropa Aporna

Naked Ape is a Swedish elektro act. Their music is danceable with a lot of bleepy sounds and typical analogue elements in it. Most outstanding is their use of the Swedish language. This gives the music an unusual touch as it is unlike most of the music produced in this genre. English seems to dominate all music, everywhere.

Listen to ‘Stenbecksmötkt’, ‘Anropa Aporna’ and ‘Innerste Eld’ and it becomes clear that Naked Ape knows how to produce catchy elektro tracks. But they don’t work with standard formulas. Sometimes the tracks have a raw element, sometimes they are more poppy and at other times some 80’s sounds pop up.

I am curious if this band will stay singing in Swedish. It is a good element in the music and sets them apart from other acts. Hopefully they will stick to this. Time will tell.

artist: Naked Ape
label: Lobotom Records
details: 10 tracks [LOBOTOM08]