Narsilion – Nerbeleth

Narsilion from Spain is a new name for me, apparently they were once active as Ordo Funebris, which released some material on Drama Company. This album was also my first introduction to the label Caustic Records, who seem to have more yet unknown but interesting material in their catalogue. “Nerbeleth” from Narsilion contains a collection of neo-classical, medieval and folk sounds.

The basis of the music that the three members of Narsilion create are classical melodies, mostly created with keyboards. These are further orchestrated by flute, violin, acoustic guitar and percussion. On top of that come the vocals, both grave male and not always entirely convincing ‘heavenly’ female ones. The songs are heavily inspired by magic and mysticism, and the music has indeed a fantasy-like character.

Some comparable acts that come to mind are Dargaard, Ophelia’s Dream, Pilori and Die Verbannten Kinder Evas. An ethereal, dramatic track like ‘My falling darkness’ resembles the earlier albums of Arcana very closely. A few tracks have a more powerful sound. The almost martial ‘The voice of sin’ for example would not have been out of its place on the first Dies Natalis album.

It’s a pleasant album to listen to, perhaps not very original and not every song is completely convincing, but certainly enjoyable. “Nerbeleth” will be appreciated by people who like romantic, classical-inspired fairytale music.

artist: Narsilion
label: Caustic Records
details: 11 tracks, 2004