Navicon Torture Technologies – Dripping with the power of her flesh

This cd filled with harsh industrial is already out for quite some of months. NTT is a quite productive act, wtih releases on Eibon, Cranial Fracture, Mouth Rdcords, Parc Records and his own Annihilvs label within a few years. “Dripping With The Power Of Her Flesh” was originally released in a limited CDr edition, and received a proper release on the British Immanence label.

Navicon Torture Technologies founder Leech clearly seems not to be very fond of the average human being. Agression and hatred are the dominant moods that his music conveys. As you can expect, this also leads to violent music. NTT combines styles like old school industrial noise and power electronics. Most tracks are not very rhythmic, but rather they are dense noisy multilayered soundscapes, with distorted industrial loops, painful high frequencies, combined with (movie) samples and fierce shouting vocals. Heavy stuff, perfect to shake off the Monday morning blues. An intense piece of power electronics which blows you away.

artist: Navicon Torture Technologies
label: Immanence Records
details: 9 tracks, 2004 [IMMCD001]