Navicon Torture Technologies – Power Romance

The second release on Cranial Fracture, after “Dissonant Structures”. On this compilation I quite liked the contribution by Navicon Torture Technologies, and this full-length cd does not disappoint either. Most tracks were originally recorded in 2000 on a cd-r, but they deserve a proper release. Navicon Torture Technologies from New York plays an original style of dark industrial, which is quite varied and not directly comparable to other acts. This act of mastermind Leech has already released quite a number of tapes and cd-r’s, as well as proper cd’s on Eibon and Malignant. NTT manages to combine harshness and emotion, which is quite rare.

The first track has a monotonous industrial rhythm and strangily distorted vocals, simple but effective. But the next track, ‘I want to commit a crime of passion’, suddenly starts with angelic female voices in the background. They last throughout the song, only to be accompained by the humming of machines, which gradually gain in volume. ‘When you walk past me’ begins with a high frequency siren-like sound, which is really working on your nerves. In the background you vaguely hear some nice atmospheric ambience, which you really wish to hear more clearly, but you can’t get past the annoying siren. This song, like many others on the album, is quite mminimal, using only a few effective elements, without creating a dense wall of sound as many harsh electronic acts do. ‘Spiritus Capax’ for instance consists of not much more than militant repetive drumming, very harsh shouting voals and some sharp high frequency noises.

‘Today is the day’ begins in a romantic orchestral manner, similar to what militant acts like Der Blutharsch or Toroidh often use. This forms a nice contrast with the extremily expressive screaming of Leech, giving it a warlike mood. ‘The beautiful ones’ is a cover of (the artist who now may be called again) Prince, though I doubt if someone would have recognized it if it wasn’t mentioned in the booklet. It’s quite minimal and remains somewhat in the background, but with a somewhat ritual feel. ‘Scumbag passion’ is yet again a good-old piece of powernoise, drones of noise with distorted vocals, full of tension and a really violent sphere. Then follow two completely new songs: ‘Postcoital’ is a remix by Egosplint of the second track, turning it into a minimal soundscape which gradually gains in intensity. ‘Blood Spatter Evidence’ is the most rhythmic and straightforward piece, which could perhaps reach the industrial dancefloors.
Certainly a rewarding listening experience, with harsh and lighter moments, but NTT is always intense and powerful.

artist: Navicon Torture Technologies
label: Cranial Fracture
details: 10 tracks