Nebel Torvum – Fallen leaves forgotten

Over an hour of tranquil instrumental music, partly neo-classical hymns, partly dark ambient soundscapes. I think this is the debut of this act from Canada. The music is rather simple, but not unpleasant to listen to in the background. Most tracks are rather long and seem to be inspired by nature. Some of the atmospheric pieces could be used in a fantasy soundtrack. The classical keyboard tracks could appeal to fans of Stoa, Die Verbannten Kinder Evas or Za Frumi, though it does not reach that level. Other compositions make me think of Mortiis or Vinterriket. A promising album that certainly creates a lot of atmosphere, but not a milestone in an often practiced genre.
At you can listen to some tracks.

artist: Nebel Torvum
label: God is Myth Records
details: 8 tracks, 2004 [gim007]