Nebelhexë – Laguz: Within the Lake

Andrea ‘Nebel’ Haugen has been gaining fame with her pagan folk project Hagalaz’ Runedance for some years now.

On this new album, under the name Nebelhexë, the (war)drums, flutes and other authentic instruments have almost disappeared. Instead computers, electric guitars and synths have been used to make the music. What is left is Andrea Haugen’s conjuring voice. Unfortunately that is not enough to make this first cd in the incarnation of Nebelhexë a real success.

There are some nice tracks on Laguz ­ Within the Lake (‘My Visual World’ and ‘Wake to Wither’), with a melancholy wave / 80’s gothic mood. But most songs are in the metal/hardrock vein (‘Laguz ­ Within the Lake’ and the Lene Lovich cover ‘Bird Song’), and not in the most original style. Due to this Nebelhexë is pretty much an average melancholy hardrock band.

This is really too bad as Hagalaz’ Runedance was a very special project. Hopefully the next record as Nebelhexë will be more as Hagalaz’ again.

artist: Nebelhexë
label: Karmagaddon Media
details: 10 tracks [KARMA037]