Nebelung – Mistelteinn

A new German neofolk project always has my interest. Especially when they are released by Eis & Licht, who don’t often add new artists to their roster. Nebelung comes from Bonn in the ‘Ruhrgebiet’, a grey industrial area which forms a sharp contrast with the forests depicted on the green digipack. The band is actually a duo, consisting of singer Stefan Otto who also plays most of the instruments (guitar, flutes, percussion) and guitarplayer Thomas List. They are supported by a few guest musicians on accordion, drums and strings).

Their style reminds me of acts like Forseti, Empyrium, Neun Welten and the early work of Orplid. That means rather traditional acoustic folk music, mainly carried by strumming guitar and further adorned by flutes and strings. The music has a romantic feeling, which is not only stressed by the melancholic vocals, but also by the lyrics taken from Baudelaire, Von Hofmannsthal and Nietzsche, dealing with nature, love and Sehnsucht.

The style of Nebelung is not highly original and they are not in the same league of Forseti or Orplid yet. Nevertheless this mini cd with six tracks leaves a positive impression. It is solid handwork and their intentions sound honest. The most convincing track is probably the warm and melodic, Forseti-like sounding ‘Kain und Abel’. The uptempo instrumental ‘Misteltein’ is also worthwhile, this could appeal to fans of the acoustic folk-metal projects from the Prophecy label. I’m looking forward to see this new group live at this year’s Wave Gotik Treffen.

artist: Nebelung
label: Eis & Licht
details: 6 tracks, 2005 [CD Eis044]