Nebelung – Reigen

Nebelung is back with a new release. After their debut mcd ‘mistelteinn’ on Eis & Licht, the German neo-folk group now presents two new tracks on a vinyl single.

Only 250 copies are available of ‘Reigen’. The title track is a pleasant romantic folksong. Nice acoustic guitar playing, a clear melody, sensitive male vocals in German, a down-to-earth, natural feeling. Like the label already admitted itself, the resemblance to Forseti is striking. But I don’t consider that to be a reproach, since it’s an attractive song and there are worse examples.

The B-side ‘Herbstwind’ is a bit less to my liking. It’s fully instrumental and contains a sort of elaborate acoustic guitar duet, a bit in line with later Empyrium releases.
All in all nothing extraordinary, just a nice single. I wonder if Nebelung would be capable of creating an interesting full-lenght album, perhaps time will tell.

artist: Nebelung
label: Eis & Licht
details: 7" single, 2 tracks, 2006 [Eis049]