Nebula-H – H2O

10 tracks that immediately make you want to dance and a remix of one of those songs is what the new album by the Belgian act Nebula-H has to offer. This is their second album and it really builds upon their debut album “H” and goes on from there.

EBM is the constant factor in this album, but it is mixed with many other styles, techno, dark-electro, but also some futurepop can be heard in the songs. Strong melodies that you can’t get out of your head and rhythms that immediately create an urgency to dance. This creates an album that is both good to listen to and great for dj’s. For certain one of the best releases in this genre in 2004.

Next to the normal release of this album there will also be a special limited edition (of 500 copies worldwide) which will contain a bonus dvd-disc with live-songs, video clips and more, as well as postcards and some other goodies.

artist: Nebula-H
label: Alfa Matrix
details: 2004, 11 tracks